OPGW Cable

Supply of various types of OPGW cable(Support for custom)

      Optical Fiber Composite Overhead Ground Wire (also known as fiber composite overhead ground wire). The optical fiber is placed in the ground wire of the overhead high-voltage transmission line to form a fiber-optic communication network on the transmission line. This structure has the dual functions of ground and communication, and is generally called OPGW cable.

      The OPGW cable is wrapped with metal wires. The optical cable is more reliable, stable and firm. Due to the integration of the overhead ground wire and the optical cable, compared with the use of other optical cables, the construction period is shortened and the construction cost is saved. In addition, if the OPGW is made of aluminum-clad steel wire or aluminum alloy wire, it is equivalent to erecting a good conductor overhead ground wire, which can reduce the potential supply current of the transmission line, reduce the power frequency overvoltage, and improve the power line communication line. The benefits of interference and dangerous effects. Because the fiber has anti-electromagnetic interference and light weight, it can be installed on the top of the transmission line tower without considering the optimal mounting position and electromagnetic corrosion. Therefore, the OPGW has remarkable characteristics such as high reliability, superior mechanical performance, and low cost. This technique is particularly suitable and economical when laying or replacing existing ground lines.


OPGW Cable Descrption

OPGW Cable Structure


OPGW Cable Specification

Cable modelOPGW-60OPGW-70OPGW-90OPGW-110OPGW-130
Number /diameter(mm) of stainless steel tube1/3.52/2.42/2.62/2.81/3.0
Number /diameter of AL wire(mm)0/3.512/2.412/2.612/2.812/3.0
Number /diameter of ACS wire(mm)6/3.55/2.45/2.65/2.86/3.0
Diameter of Cable (mm)10.512131415
Cable weight (kg/km)415320374432527
DC resistance(200C W/km)1.360.5240.4480.3860.327
Modulus of elasticity(Gpa)16296.195.995.697.8
coefficient of Linear thermal12.617.817.817.917.2
Short circuit capacity (kA²s)2457.378.9105.8150.4
Max. operation temperature (℃)200200200200200
Max. fiber count4832485230

OPGW Cable Application


  1. The Optical fiber composite ground wire [OPGW] is suitable for installation on new power lines with double function of ground wire and communication. Especially for installation on normal voitage and extra highvoltage power lines. OPGW can replace conventional ground wire of old power line with increasing fiber communication function. They conduct short circuit current and provide lightning resistance.
  2. OPGW cable is mainly used in 500KV, 220KV and 110KV lines, limited by power cut, security and other elements, mostly used in new lines. Its applications are:high pressure over 110kv, with a longer span (usually over 250M).

OPGW Cable Features

  1. Up to 144 fibers
  2. Cable diameter and weight approximate with another ground wire. Less additional load to tower, high tensile strength.
  3.  Excellent stainless steel tube stranding technology make the fibers have good secondary excess length and allow the fibers free movement in the tube. Which keeps the fiber stress-free while the cable is subjected to longitudinal stress.
  4. Optical fibers are protected by stainless steel tubes.
  5. Excellent security, good bullet resist performance.
  6. ACSW, AAW and SST stranded design provide wide range combination of electrical conductivity and mechanical tensile strength.


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