Welding Cable

What is Welding Cable​?

Welding Cable is applicable to the welding machine cable secondary side wiring and connecting cables for the electric welding clamp, the exchange rated voltage not exceeding 200V  DC and pulse peak 400 V. For a single-core structure, a multi-unit made of soft wire-cutter. Conductive core line outside a thermally insulated with polyester film around the package, with the outer layer made of rubber insulation and jacket as a protective layer. 


Welding Cable​ Descrption

Welding Cable Construction
Conductor: Stranded bare copper flexible, fully annealed, Bare-copper.Insulation: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer EPDM or EPR
Color: Black,Orange, Blue, Red etc

Welding Cable Characteristics
Temperature range: EPR insulated cables should not be higher than 65°C,EPT/EPDM insulated cables should not be higher than 90°C.
VOLTAGE RATING: 450/750V, 650/1100V

Welding Cable Application 

  • Hard-hold and power supply device acc
  • Day and damp interiors, as well as for limited outdoor use acc
  • Light and sound technology

Welding Cable Features

• EPDM insulation provides outstanding cut, abrasion and slag resistance
• Resistant to oil, chemicals, water, ozone, & solvents
• Red, Orange, Blue,Black jacket
• Other colors available upon request

Welding Cable Specifications

Nominal Section-Area of Conductor(mm2)Structure of ConductorNominal Thik-ness of Sheath  (mm)Overall  DiameterMax. Conductor Resistance at 20º C  (Ω /km)Approx. Weight (kg/km)
Core no. /Dia. (no. /mm)Min.Max.YHYHF

Instrument Cable​ FAQ

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Answer: Normally, 300m, but we also accept 100m order.

Answer: usually within one day. Validity is 30 days

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Answer: Usually, it’s cartons, and for big cable, we use wooden drum.