Rubber Cable

What is Rubber Cable​?

Rubber Cable is a flexible movable cable with multiple strands of thin copper wire as conductor, rubber insulation and rubber sheath. Due to its softness and tensile resistance, it is widely used in various electrical equipment, and can be used in indoor and outdoor environment at the same time.


Rubber Cable​ Descrption

  • Product name: Rubber cable
  • Certifications: ISO9001/ISO14001 /OHSAS18001/CCC
  • Standard: GB, IEC, BS, ASTM
  • Color: Black,Orange,Blue or custom
  • Specification: Single core, 2 core, 3 core, 4 core, 5 core, multi core
  • Sizes: 16mm 25mm 35mm 50mm 70mm 95mm 120mm 150mm 185mm…
  • Conductor material: copper
  • Insulation Material: RUBBER
  • Sheath Material: RUBBER
  • OEM: Available
Rubber Cable Application

Suitable for hot environment such as generating electricity,metallurgy and chemical industry.To connect the removable electrical equipment

Rubber Cable Standard

  • International: IEC 60502, IEC 60228
  • China: GB/T 12706
  • Other standards: such as BS, DIN and ICEA, design & manufacture special power cable according to customer’s special request.

Rubber Cable Feature

  1.  High and low temperature resistance
  2.  Aging resistance
  3.  Durable and Long service life
  4.  Flexible performance
  5.  Fire resistance
  6.  Anti-acid and alkali
  7.  Resistance to chemical solvents
  8.  High resistance of humidity
  9. Excellent electric insulationerty.

Rubber Cable Specification

H01N2-D / H01N2-E cables Welding cable including more flexible variant
H07BN-4-F cables High temperature power supply 
H07RN-F cables Heavy-duty flexible power supply (also includes the light-duty H05RN-F)
H07RN-8-F cables Submersible cable for temporary use to a depth of 10m
H07ZZ-F cables Halogen free flexible power supply 
NSHOU cables Heavy-duty flexible power supply 600/1000V suitable for permanent submersion available as (N)SHÖU-O and (N)SHÖU-J
NSSHOU cables Heavy-duty flexible power supply with individual core screen with variations including (N)SSHÖU-O, (N)SSHÖU-J, (N)SSHÖU 3E and (N)SSHÖU 3E+ST 
NSSCHOU cables Variation offering an overall Tinned Copper Braid on this robust flexible power supply with Green/Yellow insulation to (N)SSCHÖU-J 
NSGAFÖU cablesFlame and oil resistant cable suitable for high stress environment
NSHXAFÖ cables Halogen free flexible single conductor cable for circuit-proof applications
NSHTÖU cables Drum reeling cable
0361TQ cables HOFR Welding cable
Coil end lead Type 4Electrical machinery power supply and panel wiring
H05GG-FEVA insulated domestic appliance wiring to 110oC
H05BB-F / H07BB-FEPDM insulated equipment wiring 300/500V and 450/750V

Instrument Cable​ FAQ

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